Women in Politics

As we have discussed in class, interest in political involvement can start early for some people with encouragement from family and peers, but often dies down over time; however, with all the things that lead people to decide to or to not to run for office, we consistently see a field dominated by men (Crowder-Meyer, September 7, 2016). Why do so few women pursue office in America and how can we inspire more women to fill political leadership positions?

Studies show that college is the time when young men and women begin to think differently about future political careers, which may be attributed to more time considering the future and less family influence, and although women are more likely to complete lawyers and work in that field, men are still the ones to fill offices later in life. This issue has been solidified by the idea that politicians tend to recruit other people like them for office, but because there are so many men in office, more and more men will be recruited (Crowder-Meyer, September 7, 2016). Women have the opportunity to indirectly recruit others in office by “[inspiring] other women to run for office”. A video attached to a Vox article by Zach Beauchamp claims that electing Hilary Clinton in our political system would lead to more women in office, who are proven to be more productive than men. Not to mention that when a woman runs for office, a few more are to follow until the playing field evens out, and although Hilary is only one person, she plans to increase the number of women in her cabinet to more accurately represent the population, which might inspire even more women.


2 thoughts on “Women in Politics”

  1. Not surprisingly (since my research is largely motivated by this very issue), I totally cosign this post. 🙂 I was really horrified when I first read the Fox and Lawless article highlighting that gender differences in political ambition emerge during college… having discussions about this and how to change it seems really important!


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