Hispanic voters concerning Clinton

While visiting multiple online news sources looking for an article that piqued my interest, I came across an interesting article that aligns itself with our group blog’s theme. The article is titled “Among Democrats, deep concern about Clinton’s Hispanic strategy”. This article focused on states with substantial numbers of Hispanics as does our group blog, and this is the main reason for sharing to the blog. With the obvious contempt that a percentage Hispanic population has for Trump, this article is questioning why Clinton is not receiving a bigger turnout in Hispanic voters.

The author of the article states that Clinton is trailing Obama’s 2012 performance in several ­Latino-rich states. Arizona, the focus of my senate campaign study, was included on the list of states Clinton is lacking in. There is a lot of criticism being made due to the lack of effort to rally the Hispanic voters, such as Clinton waiting until this month to launch a sustained campaign of traditional, Spanish-language ads in key markets. During President Obama’s campaign in ’08, he and his campaign staff targeted intricacies of the Latino community. Paraphrasing President Obama’s senior campaign strategist in ’08, Amandi questioned why Clinton has waited this late to target the Hispanic community. Amandi stated “The question I would ask is what message does that send to the Spanish-dominant Hispanic voters?”. With the current climate of this election, it will be interesting to see how the Hispanic turnout will benefit or damage either candidates bid for presidency.


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