Governing: Senator McCain (24 hr extension)

Now that Senator McCain has comfortably won re-election in the Arizona Senate race for the 6th time in his tenure, and that the recent presidential campaign with all its glory is over, he can turn back to focusing on which issues and legislation to address. Senator McCain is, and should continue to be an effective law maker considering the experience he has gathered during his long political tenure. The election results seem to be very positive for Senator McCain this election cycle because he is now a Senior Senator in a “unified” government in the majority party. This adds up to be very promising for Republicans, like Senator McCain, if they can seize the opportunity they have been given.

Senior Senator McCain has multiple benefits at his disposal, but to be effective Volden and Wiseman (2014) list 5 habits he must possess. Due to Senator McCain’s long time in office, he has had the time to learn these habits to become much more effective in office then say, a Junior senator with little to no experience. Most of these habits have helped him stay in office too. The first habit Volden and Wiseman list is to “develop a legislative agenda rooted in personal background, previous experiences, and policy expertise.” A good example of this would be Senator McCain using his previous military background to provide expertise in veteran’s affairs, which has constantly been an issue on Senator McCain’s list. He has also sat as chairman of the Committee of Armed Services. Both these points show a clear agenda that Senator McCain has, and now that republicans hold the house and senate, Senator McCain could be extremely effective in passing legislation benefitting veterans.

The next habit Volden and Wiseman list is to develop an agenda focusing on your constituencies needs. Senator McCain has been a staunch opponent of Obamacare since the bill was made. Health care is a major issue among Arizona voters and it was one of Senator McCain’s top campaign issues. Polls show Arizonans opinions of Obamacare as highly negative, especially after the recent premium hikes. With the current status of the government, Senator McCain prove to be a big part in facilitating change in this field for the Voters of Arizona.

The next habits Volden and Wiseman list are very important when it comes to getting things done in the Senate. These habits are basically to have a wide range of allies and be able to compromise when need be. Compromising is necessary so all Americans can have legislation that benefits them, but with the current political climate, compromise might be difficult. Senator McCain has comprised a wide range of allies, and he should since he has had the time to do so. Looking at Senator McCain’s endorsements show that he does have allies around the nation and in the senate. This obviously a skill that Senator McCain has used to his advantage and this helps proves that he is definitely an effective law maker and will be effective, as always, in governing.


4 thoughts on “Governing: Senator McCain (24 hr extension)”

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog post. It will be interesting to see how effective McCain can be, even as an experienced lawmaker, given the tension between himself and Donald Trump. I saw one article on the Hill that mentioned how McCain has refused to talk about Trump until the beginning of next year (Carney, The Hill). Volden and Wiseman mention the importance of “[being] open to compromise, even with those who are not natural allies,” and I believe McCain must be willing to openly talk about Trump, and with him, in order to be successful this coming term (193).


    1. McCain and Trump definitely had an on-again off-again conflict, and this was a issue throughout most of the election process. You mentioned the article about McCain refusing to talk about about Trump and this is interesting. It might be a strategy to express Volden and Wiseman’s habit of trying to develop an agenda based on his constituencies needs. Normally, since McCain has held the seat for so long, he mandate would be very clear to voters, but with this conflict with Trump made voters take a back seat sometimes. This issue has made it necessary for McCain to re-develop or re-state his original mandate to voters in Arizona, in my opinion. Thanks for the comment and Glade you enjoyed the post.

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  2. I think your analysis is right in that perhaps McCain is seeking to please his constituents rather than Trump (since reelection, hence pleasing Arizonians, is his first priority). Do you think that McCain, and most congressman/congresswomen, will be able to place their disagreements with Trump aside in order to serve their districts?


  3. As you stated, re-election is a driving force for many members of congress. I think this will force many members of congress to set aside differences so they can serve their districts properly. That being said, it is Trump and this has been a very unique election year, so anything is possible.


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