“Andrew Jackson’s Lessons for Donald Trump” Article

            Like many other students in our class and around the country, I am still processing Trump’s election and what it will mean for the United States. This week I searched for an article about him, and one that Jon Meacham wrote titled Andrew Jackson’s Lessons for Donald Trump drew my attention.

Towards the beginning of the article, Meacham discusses how there are “surface similarities” between Trump and Andrew Jackson such as their “powerful personalities,” their campaigns which championed “freeing the country from established, ossified interests,” and the shock their election success brought to the traditional establishment (Meacham). Yet, the author highlights a sharp distinction between the two individuals: their political experience (Meacham). However, the most interesting statement that Meacham tells the reader is one that Senator Thomas Hart made about Jackson saying that “‘He always said the people would stand by those who stand by them’” (Meacham). Now, as Meacham says, “it is President Trump’s move” given Americans’ support of Trump (Meacham).

Meacham is right. America, although not the majority population, threw their support for Trump. Millions of Americans have entrusted him to lead our country through all of the challenges it is facing and will face in the coming years: Global Warming, a threatening North Korea, and economic/social problems right here in America. I, like all Americans should, want Trump to be a great president and support policy that will benefit all Americans and the world. Now, it is time for Trump to prove himself to the people and  rise to this challenge.

Here is a link to the article.


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